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Building Quality Lake Homes on Norris Lake

Norris Lake Design & Building Process

Memories made at the lake last a lifetime. Every lake house we build on Norris Lake is designed to maximize the best views of the lake and mountains from the inside and out!

Start living the dream lake life on Norris Lake and contact us today!

Norris Lake Building Process

Norris Lake Construction brings hands on experience and attention to detail to every lake home we design and build on Norris Lake! Our philosophy is to surround ourselves with employees and contractors that have the same goals and level of standards. We are dedicated to providing our customers with excellence in workmanship, quality building materials and total satisfaction from the start of the building project to it's final completion.

Step 1: Planning & Strategy

Our first Initial meeting will be to discuss your needs and priorities as well as the advantages to building a new lake home versus purchasing an existing lake home. Norris Lake Construction will create a detailed checklist of options and possibilities for your lake home. Once your needs and ideas are met we will have conceptual drawings and a final house plan customized to fit your individual needs and lifestyle. Final pricing, budget and lot selection will then be discussed.

Norris Lake Construction can build on an existing lake lot you already own or work with you to find and purchase a lot on Norris Lake.

Step 2: Design & Build

Norris Lake Construction will use the final house plan to begin work on your lake house. A site survey will be used and include details on topography, vegetation, drainage, utilities, easements and other elements critical to the proper placement of the house on the building site to capture the best views of Norris Lake. Clearing the lot and building stage will begin on your lake house.

Step 3: Test & Deliver

Final stage includes testing and touch-ups as well as making sure all plumbing, mechanical and electrical components are all working properly. Final grading and landscaping will also be done with a complete final walk-through and inspection before delivery to spot items that need to be corrected or adjusted! During the final walk-through we will also discuss the responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep, warranty coverage and procedures.

Call (423) 735-3535 to discuss home building on Norris Lake!

Planning & Strategy

Planning & Strategy

  • Initial Meeting
  • Discuss Needs & Priorities
  • Features and Upgrades
  • Conceptual Sketches
  • Final House Plans
  • Pricing & Budget
  • Discuss Building Site
  • Purchase Lot
  • Final Price
Design & Build

Design & Build

  • Clearing the Lot
  • Footing and Foundations
  • Framing
  • Windows & Exterior Doors
  • Plumbing & Mechanical
  • Electrical Roughs
  • Siding, Roofing & Exterior Trim
  • Insulation and Drywall
  • Interior Doors & Trim
  • Cabinets, Tile & Glass
  • Painting & Floor Coverings
  • Hardware, Equipment & Fixtures
Test & Deliver

Test & Deliver

  • Finish Plumbing, Mechanical & Electrical
  • Finish Grading & Landscaping
  • Buyer's Responsibilities
  • Maintenance and Upkeep
  • Warranty Coverage
  • Final Walk-through