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Dock Builders on Norris Lake

Dock Builders on Norris Lake

Search through the complete list of residential Norris Lake Dock Builders in Tennessee. Whether you're planning a new dock or replacing a existing dock for your lakefront home this list can save you time and money.

What you need to know

Before making that big purchase on a boat dock, be sure to apply for a TVA Dock permit on Norris Lake. All residential and commercial docks must be approved. Keep in mind that Norris Lake is a seasonal man-made lake where there are changes in water levels during the year. Peak lake season runs from May to September. Generally, the Norris Lake season opens on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day. Full pool of water levels on Norris Lake is at 1,020 ft. The Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) regulates the water levels, so keep this in mind when determining the best type of dock you need that fits your lifestyle.

Types of Docks

There are three main types of docks: Stationary, Floating and Portable Docks. Be sure to understand the types of docks and what best fits your needs and situation. The majority of boat docks used on Norris Lake are either floating or portable docks.

Stationary Dock

Sometimes referred as standing docks is designed for areas with large waves to easily pass through the legs and can withstand the roughest conditions. Stationary docks are placed on wooded pilings with permanent bases to avoid corrosion. It is also recommended to have shoreline stabilization for a strong retaining wall when using a Stationary dock.

Floating Dock

Great for deep water and water level fluctuations. Works best in an area where the dock will remain in the water all year long. A "U" or "T" shaped design is commonly used if the area is exposed to heavy waves from boat wakes. Floating docks are anchored by cables, ramps,  or anchors.

Portable Dock

Sometimes referred as wheeled boating dock offer wheels so that the dock can easily be transferred or removed from the water when necessary. Conditions have to be right for this type of dock and require either a gradual slope, fairly firm lake bottom or minimal elevation at the bank.

Boat Dock Materials

Consider your location when selecting the right type of boat dock materials on Norris Lake. The right dock should match your lifestyle, location and personal taste. Wood docks offer a natural and rustic look to any waterfront home but often need regular maintenance. Aluminum docks are low maintenance, don't rust and can withstand major impacts. The combination of both wood and aluminium offer the best of both worlds!

TVA Dock Permits

Before hiring a dock builder on Norris Lake, be sure to apply for a tva dock permit! Tennessee Valley Authority approval is required before any construction activities can be carried out. This includes anything that affects navigation, flood control or public lands along TVA Lakes shoreline and the Tennessee River or its tributaries. For lake house owners, please read the information and links on the TVA Dock Permits page to find out if you are eligible to apply online. All permits for major construction must download, print, fill out the application and send it in by mail. If you have any questions about obtaining a dock permit for Norris Lake, please be sure to contact the Tennessee Valley Authority.