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TVA Dock Permits on Norris Lake

TVA Dock Permits on Norris Lake

TVA Dock Permits on Norris Lake

Need information on how to apply for a TVA dock permit on Norris Lake? Here's the information you need that will allow you to apply for a Norris Lake dock permit through TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority).

How to apply for a TVA Dock Permit

TVA Dock PermitThe TVA Act in 1933 was passed by Congress and requires that the Tennessee Valley Authority approval be required before any construction activities can be carried out. This includes anything that affects navigation, flood control or public lands along TVA Lakes shoreline and the Tennessee River or its tributaries.

For lake house owners, please read the information and links below to find out if you are eligible to apply online. All permits for major construction must download, print, fill out the application and send it in by mail. If you have any questions about obtaining a dock permit for Norris Lake, please be sure to contact the Tennessee Valley Authority at (800) 882-5263.

26a Shoreline Construction Permits

Who should apply online

  • Those seeking permits to build minor or major facilities including boat docks, piers, boathouses, fences, steps, commercial marinas, community docks, barge terminals and mooring cells, utility crossings, bridges, culverts, roads, waste water discharges, sewage outfalls, water intakes, dredging, and placement of fill.
  • Those seeking re-issuance of existing TVA permits following a change in ownership.
  • Those seeking permission for activities not occurring on a TVA reservoir, but within TVA’s jurisdiction (off-reservoir projects).

Minor construction projects include boat docks, peirs, boat houses, fences, steps, shoreline-based shelters and others. Major construction projects include commercial marinas, community docks,barge terminals and mooring cells, utility crossings, bridges, culverts, roads, waste water discharges, water intakes and sewage outfalls, dredging, placement of fill, and others.

What you need before you apply

Please have ready the following information before you create an account and apply for a TVA permit.

  • Location where activity will occur, including stream mile, subdivision, and lot number (if applicable). You will be prompted to locate your site on a map.
  • Detailed description of project.
  • Names and addresses of adjoining property owners.
  • Detailed drawings of the proposed construction or activity (including plan and profile views and dimensions) and at least one photograph of the site. You can upload your own files, use standard drawings provided by TVA, or mail in paper copies. File formats accepted are jpg, tiff, and pdf. Individual files cannot exceed 3MB in size.
  • Information pertaining to any previous permits applied for including TVA permit numbers and dates.
  • Credit card to pay required fee. TVA also accepts electronic fund transfers from your bank account.

Applying for a TVA Dock Permit is easy. Save time and apply online today on the TVA website.

As always, applying does not guarantee approval. Be aware, site specific conditions can impact the review and approval of your boat dock permit.

Applications for Norris Lake dock permits are now accepted online through the TVA website. You can also contact TVA about any questions you may have regarding shoreline construction activities.

TVA can be contacted with questions at (800) 882-5263. A downloadable application for print is also available online. The cost can range from $250 - $1000+ for minor construction projects.

Apply online for TVA dock permits on Norris Lake

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