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Building Quality Lake Homes on Norris Lake

Home Builder in Sharps Chapel TN

Find a Norris Lake home builder in Sharps Chapel, TN. Norris Lake Construction offers quality home building services for new construction including lakefront homes, lake view homes, vacation homes, log cabins, retirement retreats, investment vacation rentals and more! Choose from a variety of lake house plans designed to fit your lifestyle and needs! We can build your home on an existing lot at any of the Norris Lake communities or subdivisions in Sharps Chapel, TN including Beach Grove, the Highlands, Lead Mine Bend, Norris Shores, Pinnacle Pointe, Sunset Bay and Tanglewood Shores.

Norris Lake Construction

Let our team of knowledgeable lake professionals share with you their hundreds of years of combined experience — living, working, designing and building on Norris Lake. Don't risk just letting a architect design your house and have just anyone build it. Norris Lake Construction will work hand in hand with your architect to make sure we get the most out of every lot we build on. It's our love and passion for this great lake that drives us to get everything we can out of every opportunity.

View our existing lake house plans and make your dreams on Norris Lake a reality! Modifications are accepted on color choices, layout, floor plan dimensions, etc. Purchase your own lake lot or select a pre-built lake house for sale on Norris Lake. Custom upgrades available. We build anything, anywhere, anytime!

Norris Lake Real Estate for sale

There is no greater time than now to purchase your dream lake lot at Norris Lake, Tennessee. Norris Lake Construction can help build your dream vacation home as well as provide you with the knowledge and expertise to find the right lot for you. Not all home sites are the same. Learn what lake properties are great building sites and offer the best value over time that can save you money in the long run. Be sure to ask the seller if the lot you are purchasing also includes a TVA permit for a dock.

If you are in the market search for lake property on Norris Lake, be sure to sign-up for our FREE Norris Lake Property Tours.

Norris Lake Lots for Sale in Sharps Chapel, TN

The data below provides the latest real estate listings on Norris Lake lots for sale in Sharps Chapel, TN. Norris Lake lots average in size starting from 0.52 acres with prices starting at $11k.

 Tanglewood Sharps Chapel, TN183Irregular$799,000.00896846
 Stiner Sharps Chapel, TN9.6500 X 1000 Irr$450,000.001102722
 Beech Grove Loop Sharps Chapel, TN10.7Irr$445,000.00Beach Grove1088864
Lot 606 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.061.06$375,000.00Sunset Bay1054981
Lot 604 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.580.58 Acres$299,900.00Sunset Bay1092057
 Sunset View Sharps Chapel, TN0.85-$299,000.00Sunset Bay1041094
343 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN1.07Irregular$249,750.00Sunset Bay1105713
#609 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.52252' X 100'$189,900.00Sunset Bay1026806
Lot 45 Norris Shores Sharps Chapel, TN1.31x1$179,900.00Norris Shores1104952
Lot 548 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.81-$159,900.00Sunset Bay1028638
Lot 549 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.9Irr$159,900.00Sunset Bay1001964
 Lot 602 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.52Irregular$149,900.00Sunset Bay1032166
Lot 4 Norris Shores Lane Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Irregular$149,500.00Norris Shores1098797
Lot 93 Norris Shores Sharps Chapel, TN10.4510.45$144,900.00Norris Shores1112379
 Brittney Lane Sharps Chapel, TN0.48119 X 146 X 131 X 164$139,000.00Sunset Bay1114205
 Lot 245 Lakeview Sharps Chapel, TN1.09Irregular$134,900.00Norris Shores1094156
Lot 367 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.88215' X 119' X 245' X 45' X 194'$132,500.00Sunset Bay1108000
 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN0.73122x260$130,000.00Lead Mine Bend1080556
Lot 30 Norris Shores Sharps Chapel, TN1.021.02 Acres$129,900.00Norris Shores1087486
Lot 776 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.6788.17 X 267.25 Irr$119,000.00Sunset Bay1020723
Lot 5 Parsons Shores Sharps Chapel, TN5Irreg.$110,000.00Tanglewood Shores1001824
 184 Lakeview Dr. Sharps Chapel, TN3.69Irr.$105,000.00Norris Shores1086753
 Highland Trace Road Lot 10 Sharps Chapel, TN1.06221x359x285x80 Irr$100,000.00The Highlands1111296
Lot 509 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.6111x219x115x249$99,900.00Sunset Bay1064296
 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.69Irrxirr$99,900.00Sunset Bay1108385
 Lot 28 Fishers Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Irregular$99,900.00Sunset Bay1108488
 Old Leadmine Bend Rd. Sharps Chapel, TN1.1494x100$99,900.00Pinnacle Pointe1000889
 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN1.33-$99,000.00Pinnacle Pointe1050298
 Beehive Sharps Chapel, TN0.6N/a$98,000.00Sunset Bay1081952
 Beehive Sharps Chapel, TN0.6N/a$98,000.00Sunset Bay1081955
Lot 788 Beehive Sharps Chapel, TN0.84Irr$96,900.00Sunset Bay1115199
 Lot 249 Lakeview Sharps Chapel, TN2.12Irregular$94,900.00Norris Shores1075848
Lot 8 Parsons Shores Sharps Chapel, TN5Irreg.$89,900.00Tanglewood Shores1009621
 L-169 Pearl Pt. Sharps Chapel, TN4.4Irr$89,000.00Norris Shores1067974
 Lot 584 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.62Irregular$84,900.00Sunset Bay1011443
 Emerald Green Sharps Chapel, TN1.11.10 Acre$79,900.00Pinnacle Pointe1094075
790 Beehive Sharps Chapel, TN0.810.81$79,000.00Sunset Bay1108940
 Lot 383 Sunset View Sharps Chapel, TN0.73Irregular$74,900.00Sunset Bay1087405
 Off Britteny Ln Sharps Chapel, TN0.53 Acres$69,900.00Sunset Bay1103854
 Lot 89 Hardwood Sharps Chapel, TN1Irregular$69,900.00Sunset Bay1084248
 Lot 88 Hardwood Sharps Chapel, TN1Irregular$69,900.00Sunset Bay1084254
 L-250 Big Ridge Pt Sharps Chapel, TN2.37Irr$69,000.00Norris Shores1040394
L 128 Islandview Sharps Chapel, TN1.7Irr.$69,000.00Norris Shores1106088
 Old Lead Mine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN1.03103.3 X461.87$65,000.00Pinnacle Pointe1085253
 Old Leadmine Bend Sharps Chapel, TN0.97103.3 X 434.65$65,000.00Pinnacle Pointe1086999
 Lot 499 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.5Irregular$64,900.00Sunset Bay1113879
 Lot 377 & 378 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN1.35Irregular$59,900.00Sunset Bay1107728
 Lot 101 Sierra Ridge Sharps Chapel, TN4.76Irregular$59,900.00Sunset Bay1035765
 Lot 16 Edith Sharps Chapel, TN0.89Irregular$59,900.00Sunset Bay1000366
Lot 227 Nikki Sharps Chapel, TN1.09Irr$59,000.00Sunset Bay1105005
Lot 784 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.63Irregular$54,900.00Sunset Bay1107899
 Lot 60 Windy Sails Sharps Chapel, TN1.44Irregular$49,900.00Sunset Bay1087238
 Lot 431 Shainas Sharps Chapel, TN1.36Irregular$49,000.00Sunset Bay1041780
 Lot 102 Sierra Ridge Sharps Chapel, TN2.66Irregular$44,900.00Sunset Bay1090633
Lot 56 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TN0.84$40,000.00Sunset Bay1097174
 Lot 74 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.68Irregular$39,999.00Sunset Bay1081223
Lot 86 Swan Song Sharps Chapel, TN0.75Irregular$39,900.00Sunset Bay1111040
 Lot 377 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN0.56Irregular$39,900.00Sunset Bay1107731
 Lot 378 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN0.56Irregular$39,900.00Sunset Bay1107733
Lot 16 Ball Point Sharps Chapel, TN5.01167.91 Ft X 406.13ft X 311ft$39,900.00Tanglewood Shores1052877
 Lot 217 Ruth Sharps Chapel, TN1.14Irregular$39,900.00Sunset Bay1090135
 L-22 Fishers Loop Sharps Chapel, TN0.68Irr$39,000.00Sunset Bay1095121
 Lot 261 Ruth Sharps Chapel, TN0.71Irregular$34,900.00Sunset Bay1035731
 Lot 262 Ruth Sharps Chapel, TN0.88Irregular$34,900.00Sunset Bay1077182
Lot 906 Big Valley Sharps Chapel, TN0.94.94 Acres$34,900.00Sunset Bay1114130
Lot 724 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Irregular$29,999.00Sunset Bay1110383
 Lot 122 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.56Irregular$29,900.00Sunset Bay1103252
Lot 35 Fishers Loop Sharps Chapel, TN1.19Irr$29,900.00Sunset Bay1114440
Lot 179 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TN0.95$29,900.00Sunset Bay1117167
 Lot 61 Windy Sails Sharps Chapel, TN1Irregular$25,000.00Sunset Bay1052827
 Lot 73e Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.84Irregular$25,000.00Sunset Bay1087247
 Lot 73fr Windy Sails Sharps Chapel, TN0.79Irregular$25,000.00Sunset Bay1087248
Lot 112 Swan Song Trl Sharps Chapel, TN1.61Line #1: 56.86 Ft Line #2: 165.37 Ft Line #3: 286.$23,900.00Sunset Bay1052872
Lot 412 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.24Irr$21,900.00Sunset Bay1096044
Lot 198 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN0.85Irr$19,900.00Sunset Bay1084643
Lot 915 Eagle Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Irrregular$19,900.00Sunset Bay1113882
 Lot 160 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.76Irregular$19,900.00Sunset Bay1111045
Lot 73dr Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Irregular$13,995.00Sunset Bay1104516
Lot 694 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.72Irr$11,900.00Sunset Bay1087904
Lot 497 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.61Irregular$10,000.00Sunset Bay1038700
Lot 139r Garfield Lane Sharps Chapel, TN0.83$9,900.001117263

Equal Housing Opportunity All information furnished regarding Norris Lake Real Estate for sale is deemed reliable. No representation is made as to the accuracy, therefore and is submitted subject to errors, change of price, room dimensions or other conditions, prior sale, or withdrawal without notice. Last update 5/26/2020.

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