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Building Quality Lake Homes on Norris Lake

Sunset Bay Lots for Sale

Find Norris Lake property for sale at Sunset Bay in Sharps Chapel, TN. This lakefront community offers a variety of building sites ready to build with undisturbed views of Big Ridge State Park and the Chuck Swan Wildlife Management Area.

Norris Lake Real Estate for sale

There is no greater time than now to purchase your dream lake lot at Norris Lake, Tennessee. Norris Lake Construction can help build your dream vacation home as well as provide you with the knowledge and expertise to find the right lot for you. Not all home sites are the same. Learn what lake properties are great building sites and offer the best value over time that can save you money in the long run. Be sure to ask the seller if the lot you are purchasing also includes a TVA permit for a dock.

If you are in the market search for lake property on Norris Lake, be sure to sign-up for our FREE Norris Lake Property Tours.

Norris Lake Lots for Sale at Sunset Bay

The data below provides the latest real estate listings on Norris Lake lots for sale at Sunset Bay. This lake community is located in Sharps Chapel, TN. Lake lots average in size starting from 0.5 acres to 5 acres with prices starting at the low $6k to high $398k . Utilities and paved roads available.

Lot 606 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.061.06$389,900.00Sunset Bay1054981
Lot 607 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.980.98 Acres$379,000.00Sunset Bay1032560
2448 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN142689$339,000.00Sunset Bay1049271
 Sunset View Sharps Chapel, TN0.85-$309,000.00Sunset Bay1041094
465 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN0.64.64 Acres$229,900.00Sunset Bay1033429
 Leilas Way Sharps Chapel, TN1.31330 X 225$195,000.00Sunset Bay1035725
#609 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.52252' X 100'$189,900.00Sunset Bay1026806
Lot 574 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.78Irr$189,000.00Sunset Bay1066515
Lot 190 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN0.64Irregular$187,500.00Sunset Bay1021093
Lot 240 Leilas Sharps Chapel, TN0.921x1$185,000.00Sunset Bay1056796
Lot 242 Leilas Sharps Chapel, TN0.92.92 Acres$175,000.00Sunset Bay1047713
 Lot 767 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.76Irregular$174,900.00Sunset Bay1035949
Lot 599 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.58Rec$172,500.00Sunset Bay1056043
 Shainas Place Sharps Chapel, TN0.88.88 Acres$162,000.00Sunset Bay1059137
 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.48Irregular$159,900.00Sunset Bay1051698
Lot 549 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.9Irr$159,900.00Sunset Bay1001964
Lot 548 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.81-$159,900.00Sunset Bay1028638
 Lot 602 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.52Irregular$159,900.00Sunset Bay1032166
 Lot 764 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.6Irregular$149,900.00Sunset Bay1063334
Lot 776 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.6788.17 X 267.25 Irr$149,900.00Sunset Bay1020723
575 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.68116x259$139,900.00Sunset Bay1051767
 Lot 234 Leilas Sharps Chapel, TN1.170$135,000.00Sunset Bay1038305
Lot 509 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.6111x219x115x249$134,900.00Sunset Bay1064296
Lot 367 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.88Irr$134,900.00Sunset Bay1068285
 Russell Brothers Lot 775 Sharps Chapel, TN0.75.75 Acres$129,900.00Sunset Bay929669
 Reginas Sharps Chapel, TN0.74.74$125,000.00Sunset Bay1053714
 Reginas Point Sharps Chapel, TN0.87.87$124,999.00Sunset Bay1047393
 Lot 647 Apple Off Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN1.91Irregular$124,900.00Sunset Bay1037074
 Big Valley Lot 905 Sharps Chapel, TN1.121.12 Acres$89,900.00Sunset Bay929667
 Lot 571 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.84Irregular$89,900.00Sunset Bay1011398
 Lot 584 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.62Irregular$84,900.00Sunset Bay1011443
 Lot 25 Fishers Sharps Chapel, TN1.24Irregular$79,000.00Sunset Bay1005942
 Lot 790 Beehive Sharps Chapel, TN0.81Irregular$79,000.00Sunset Bay1040903
Lot #2 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN0.939,204$76,400.00Sunset Bay1046710
Lot 783 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.93Irregular$75,900.00Sunset Bay1019006
 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.21Irregular$75,000.00Sunset Bay1051396
 Lot 542 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.89Irregular$74,900.00Sunset Bay1022186
 Lot 383 Sunset View Sharps Chapel, TN0.73Irregular$74,900.00Sunset Bay1040961
 Lot 88 Hardwood Sharps Chapel, TN1Irregular$74,900.00Sunset Bay1041237
 Lot 89 Hardwood Sharps Chapel, TN1Irregular$74,900.00Sunset Bay1041240
 Off Britteny Ln Sharps Chapel, TN0.53 Acres$69,900.00Sunset Bay950415
 Lot 184 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN0.72Irregular$69,900.00Sunset Bay1038899
 Lot 499 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.5Irregular$69,900.00Sunset Bay1030694
 Lot 377 & 378 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN1.35Irregular$67,500.00Sunset Bay1047668
Lot 784 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.63Irregular$65,000.00Sunset Bay1039660
 Lot 585 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.65Irregular$64,999.00Sunset Bay1011448
 Lot 335a Larayne Hollow Sharps Chapel, TN1.55Irregular$59,900.00Sunset Bay1022184
 Lot 101 Sierra Ridge Sharps Chapel, TN4.76Irregular$59,900.00Sunset Bay1035765
 Lot 16 Edith Sharps Chapel, TN0.89Irregular$59,900.00Sunset Bay1000366
 Nikki Sharps Chapel, TN1.09Irr$59,000.00Sunset Bay1047743
 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN0.7200x152.5$57,900.00Sunset Bay1034281
 Edith Sharps Chapel, TN1.541.54$55,000.00Sunset Bay1041878
 Lot 654 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN0.63Irregular$49,999.00Sunset Bay1012983
 Lot 746 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.93260x268x306x129x183x115$49,900.00Sunset Bay1050774
 Lot 741 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.87Irregular$49,900.00Sunset Bay1033203
 Lot 3 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN1.22Irregular$49,900.00Sunset Bay1033220
 Lot 568 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.73Irregular$49,900.00Sunset Bay1028433
 Off Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.71.71$49,900.00Sunset Bay1028906
 Lot 102 Sierra Ridge Sharps Chapel, TN4.76Irregular$49,900.00Sunset Bay1042949
 Lot 431 Shainas Sharps Chapel, TN1.36Irregular$49,000.00Sunset Bay1041780
 Lot 210 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN0.73Irregular$48,000.00Sunset Bay1025325
Lot 906 Big Valley Sharps Chapel, TN0.94.94 Acres$45,900.00Sunset Bay1033814
 Captains Cove Sharps Chapel, TN0.84155 X 250$44,900.00Sunset Bay1058838
Lot 93 Swan Song Sharps Chapel, TN0.85Irregular$44,900.00Sunset Bay1021196
 Lot 45 Sunny Sharps Chapel, TN0.93Irregular$39,900.00Sunset Bay1061910
 Lot 519 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.5Irregular$39,900.00Sunset Bay1030222
 Lot 54 Fishers Sharps Chapel, TN0.88Irregular$34,900.00Sunset Bay1050771
Lot 276 Ruth Circle Sharps Chapel, TN0.85Irr$34,900.00Sunset Bay1034462
 Lot 261 Ruth Sharps Chapel, TN0.71Irregular$34,900.00Sunset Bay1035731
 Lot 111 Swan Song Sharps Chapel, TN0.92Irregular$33,500.00Sunset Bay1063331
Lot 35 Fishers Loop Sharps Chapel, TN1.19Irr$32,000.00Sunset Bay1057260
 Russell Brothers Road Sharps Chapel, TN0.740.74$30,000.00Sunset Bay1046359
 Lot 724 Russell Br Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Irregular$29,999.00Sunset Bay1064454
 Lot 149 Hemlock Sharps Chapel, TN0Irregular$29,900.00Sunset Bay1047661
 Lot 70 Windy Sails Sharps Chapel, TN1.03Irregular$28,000.00Sunset Bay1052832
 Lot 61 Windy Sails Sharps Chapel, TN1Irregular$25,000.00Sunset Bay1052827
 Lot 121 Russell Brothers Rd Sharps Chapel, TN0.69Irr$24,900.00Sunset Bay1018515
Lot 69 Windy Sails Sharps Chapel, TN0.85Irregular$24,900.00Sunset Bay1019902
Lot 112 Swan Song Trl Sharps Chapel, TN1.61Line #1: 56.86 Ft Line #2: 165.37 Ft Line #3: 286.$23,900.00Sunset Bay1052872
Lot 915 Eagle Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Irrregular$19,900.00Sunset Bay1062450
Lot 497 Brittney Sharps Chapel, TN0.61Irregular$19,900.00Sunset Bay1038700
 Lot 310 Garfield Sharps Chapel, TN1.1Irregular$19,875.00Sunset Bay1042954
 Lot 311 Garfield Sharps Chapel, TN1.06Irregular$19,875.00Sunset Bay1042955
 Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.94.94$14,900.00Sunset Bay1027187
Lot 73dr Russell Brothers Sharps Chapel, TN0.98Irregular$13,995.00Sunset Bay1014370
 Lot 347 Larayne Hollow Sharps Chapel, TN1.29Irregular$11,975.00Sunset Bay1012909

Equal Housing Opportunity All information furnished regarding Norris Lake Real Estate for sale is deemed reliable. No representation is made as to the accuracy, therefore and is submitted subject to errors, change of price, room dimensions or other conditions, prior sale, or withdrawal without notice. Last update 2/11/2019.

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