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Home Builder in Maynardville TN

Home Builder in Maynardville TN

Find a Norris Lake home builder in Maynardville, TN. Norris Lake Construction offers quality home building services for new construction including lakefront homes, lake view homes, vacation homes, log cabins, retirement retreats, investment vacation rentals and more! Choose from a variety of lake house plans designed to fit your lifestyle and needs! We can build your home on an existing lot at any of the Norris Lake communities or subdivisions in Maynardville, TN including Bay Meadows, Cool Branch, Dotson Creek, Flint Creek Meadow, Hickory Pointe, Hickory Star, Lakewood Forest, Swan Seymour Sugar Camp and Tumbling Run Estates.

Norris Lake Construction

Let our team of knowledgeable lake professionals share with you their hundreds of years of combined experience — living, working, designing and building on Norris Lake. Don't risk just letting a architect design your house and have just anyone build it. Norris Lake Construction will work hand in hand with your architect to make sure we get the most out of every lot we build on. It's our love and passion for this great lake that drives us to get everything we can out of every opportunity.

View our existing lake house plans and make your dreams on Norris Lake a reality! Modifications are accepted on color choices, layout, floor plan dimensions, etc. Purchase your own lake lot or select a pre-built lake house for sale on Norris Lake. Custom upgrades available. We build anything, anywhere, anytime!

Norris Lake Real Estate for sale

There is no greater time than now to purchase your dream lake lot at Norris Lake, Tennessee. Norris Lake Construction can help build your dream vacation home as well as provide you with the knowledge and expertise to find the right lot for you. Not all home sites are the same. Learn what lake properties are great building sites and offer the best value over time that can save you money in the long run. Be sure to ask the seller if the lot you are purchasing also includes a TVA permit for a dock.

If you are in the market search for lake property on Norris Lake, be sure to sign-up for our FREE Norris Lake Property Tours.

Norris Lake Lots for Sale in Maynardville, TN

The data below provides the latest real estate listings on Norris Lake lots for sale in Maynardville, TN. Norris Lake lots average in size starting from 0.22 acres with prices starting at $18k.

6485 Maynardville Hwy Maynardville TN98.62$8,500,000.001268034
 River Ridge Road Tract 1  Maynardville TN5.02Swan Seymour Sugar Cp Comm$314,900.001261225
 River Ridge Road Tract 2  Maynardville TN5.02Swan Seymour Sugar CP Comm$294,900.001261259
 River Ridge Road Tract 4  Maynardville TN5.02Swan Seymour Sugar CP Comm$294,900.001261274
 River Ridge Road Tract 3  Maynardville TN5.02Swan Seymour Sugar CP Comm$294,890.001261266
1523 Walker Ford Rd Maynardville TN28.00$137,000.001234452
115 Overton Rd Maynardville TN2.40Bay Meadows$135,000.001261863
109 Justin Lane Maynardville TN0.73Big Ridge Landing S/D$120,000.001258474
Lot 1 Graves Hollow Rd Maynardville TN5.07$119,900.001264088
 Lot 2 Graves Hollow Rd Maynardville TN5.03$119,900.001264089
 Bob Wright Lot 18 Rd Maynardville TN5.66Bay Meadows$99,000.001252038
304 Old Springs Rd Maynardville TN8.00Old Springs House Est$98,000.001267360
 Overton Rd Lot 2 Rd Maynardville TN1.59Bay Meadows$59,999.001266107
 Bob Wright Rd Lot 32  Maynardville TN1.02Bay Meadows$59,000.001247584
LOT 32 Jessee Rd Maynardville TN0.49Dodson Creek$50,000.001264880
Lot 33 Jessee Rd Maynardville TN0.54Dodson Creek$50,000.001264879
 Bob Wright Rd Lot 41 Rd Maynardville TN1.98Bay Meadows$46,000.001255017
275 Dogwood Lane Maynardville TN1.50Valley View Estates$41,000.001269094
 Hickory Pointe Lane Maynardville TN1.43Hickory Pointe$29,000.001259510
Lot 41 Signet Lane Maynardville TN0.29$25,000.001251268
 Hickory Pointe Lane  Maynardville TN1.86Hickory Pointe$24,900.001269495
- Eagle Cove Pkwy Maynardville TN0.94Hickory Pointe$23,300.001252204
 Lot 51 Panoramic Drive Maynardville TN0.58Swan Seymour Sugar Camp$23,000.001235045
Lot 4 Hickory Pointe  Maynardville TN1.10Hickory Pointe$19,900.001248457
 Eagle Cove Pkwy Maynardville TN1.16$19,900.001260011
 Lot 24 Emerald Cove Way Maynardville TN1.01$19,500.001254578

Data provided by Norris Lake Living

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It's no secret life on Norris Lake is where memories are made! Norris Lake Construction can custom build you a lake home and make your dreams come to life! No one builds a custom lake house the way we do!

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