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Home Builder in Lafollette TN

Home Builder in Lafollette TN

Find a Norris Lake home builder in Lafollette, TN. Norris Lake Construction offers quality home building services for new construction including lakefront homes, lake view homes, vacation homes, log cabins, retirement retreats, investment vacation rentals and more! Choose from a variety of lake house plans designed to fit your lifestyle and needs! We can build your home on an existing lot at any of the Norris Lake communities or subdivisions in Lafollette, TN including Alder Springs, Big Creek, Cove Pointe, Deer Hill Village, Deerfield Cove, Deerfield Resort, Fuller Overbay, Hidden Springs, Indian River, Lakeside Estates, Norris Crest, Norris Point, Powder Mill, Race Track Hollow, Rainbow Resort, Rogers Dock, Sudennie, the Pointe at Shanghai, Turkey Cove, the Peninsula and the Villages at Norris Lake.

Norris Lake Construction

Let our team of knowledgeable lake professionals share with you their hundreds of years of combined experience — living, working, designing and building on Norris Lake. Don't risk just letting a architect design your house and have just anyone build it. Norris Lake Construction will work hand in hand with your architect to make sure we get the most out of every lot we build on. It's our love and passion for this great lake that drives us to get everything we can out of every opportunity.

View our existing lake house plans and make your dreams on Norris Lake a reality! Modifications are accepted on color choices, layout, floor plan dimensions, etc. Purchase your own lake lot or select a pre-built lake house for sale on Norris Lake. Custom upgrades available. We build anything, anywhere, anytime!

Norris Lake Real Estate for sale

There is no greater time than now to purchase your dream lake lot at Norris Lake, Tennessee. Norris Lake Construction can help build your dream vacation home as well as provide you with the knowledge and expertise to find the right lot for you. Not all home sites are the same. Learn what lake properties are great building sites and offer the best value over time that can save you money in the long run. Be sure to ask the seller if the lot you are purchasing also includes a TVA permit for a dock.

If you are in the market search for lake property on Norris Lake, be sure to sign-up for our FREE Norris Lake Property Tours.

Norris Lake Lots for Sale in Lafollette, TN

The data below provides the latest real estate listings on Norris Lake lots for sale in Lafollette, TN. Norris Lake lots average in size starting from 0.35 acres with prices starting at $30k.

Tbd Chapman Rd Lafollette TN53.94$2,651,157.001213354
 Cove Point Rd Lafollette TN120.00$2,100,000.001243836
 Dykes Lane  Lafollette TN76.40$1,999,900.001166558
1 Crown Point Lafollette TN1.20The Peninsula$1,245,000.001263549
 Carp Lane Lafollette TN17.83$995,000.001258153
 Cove Point Rd Lafollette TN46.07$700,000.001262353
 Antlers Way Lafollette TN7.10Deerfield$649,900.001260064
170 Gaylor Rd Lafollette TN39.00$599,900.001267949
 Powder Mill Lane Lafollette TN1.93Powder Mill Hollow$325,000.001253121
 Fox Lake Lane Lafollette TN0.87Big Creek II$279,000.001269917
672 Big 4 Rd Lafollette TN31.00$199,999.001254341
324 Carp Lane Lafollette TN0.46Green Harbor$189,000.001249225
 Lake Drive Lane  Lafollette TN0.93Ayers and Sudenny$170,000.001259287
 White Lane Lafollette TN8.24$160,000.001254597
 Big Creek Lane Lafollette TN0.47Big Creek 3$129,900.001265609
Tract 2 Stiner Lane Lafollette TN5.04$110,000.001264123
 Waterside Lane Lafollette TN0.22The Villages I Clearwater Cove$110,000.001268572
Tract 1 Stiner Lane Lafollette TN5.05$100,000.001264124
 Whitman Hollow Rd Lafollette TN6.84$90,000.001251297
 Camp Galilee Rd Lafollette TN1.41Turkey Cove$90,000.001260022
 Lot 117 A Claiborne Rd  Lafollette TN0.50Indian River Village$89,900.001263840
Lot 117C Claiborne Rd Lafollette TN0.30Indian River Village$85,900.001260240
 Deer Pond Circle Lafollette TN1.57Deerfield$85,000.001259376
1910 Demory Rd Lafollette TN4.30$70,000.001256050
1623 Deerfield Way Lafollette TN0.63Deerfield Resort$69,900.001263954
 Demory Rd Lafollette TN1.14Turkey Cove$62,499.001256251
Lot 203 Waterside Lane Lafollette TN0.24Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$60,000.001258605
 Cameron Loop Lane Lafollette TN0.76Hidden Springs$58,500.001258445
 Two Rivers Lane Lafollette TN0.71The Villages Pass 3$55,700.001219681
 597 lot North Two Rivers Lane Lafollette TN0.40Clearwater Cove$55,000.001261130
Lot 6 Cameron Loop Lafollette TN0.55Hidden Springs$55,000.001264990
212 & 184 Old Ivey Hollow Rd Lafollette TN1.10$54,900.001255094
Lot 51 Harbor Lane Lafollette TN1.43Rainbow$42,900.001261739
Lot 52 Harbor Lane Lafollette TN1.42Rainbow$42,900.001261740
Lot TR69 Smokeys Point Lafollette TN0.46Norris Crest III$42,900.001267278
lot 37 Pinnacle Lane Lafollette TN0.63Hidden Springs$40,000.001197212
535 Prestige Ridge  Lafollette TN0.42Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$39,900.001218678
180 Hickory Way Lafollette TN0.23The Villages/Clearwater Cove On Norris$39,900.001241237
Lot 570 Two Rivers Lane Lafollette TN0.45Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$39,900.001243335
 Two Rivers Lane Lot 588  Lafollette TN0.42Clearwater Cove$39,900.001246760
 Davis Chapel Rd Lafollette TN1.00Connie Russell$38,900.001267419
 Norris View Drive Lafollette TN0.50The Point at Shanghai$38,500.001225318
 505 lot Cedar Gate Lane Lane Lafollette TN0.40Clearwater Cove$38,000.001261138
Lot 231 Suncrest Cove Lafollette TN0.03Clearwater Cove$37,900.001257297
Lot 137 Suncrest Cove Lafollette TN0.76Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$37,000.001220842
182 Hickory Way Lafollette TN1.28Clearwater Cove on Norris$37,000.001251309
Lot 106 Laurel Way Lafollette TN1.20Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$37,000.001258601
 Lot 630 Prestige Ridge Ln  Lafollette TN0.60The Villages Phase III$36,500.001269461
Lot 64 Pinnacle Lane Lafollette TN1.37HIDDEN SPRINGS$35,000.001169614
Lot #65 Pinnacle Lane Lafollette TN1.68HIDDEN SPRINGS$35,000.001169617
Lot 129 Suncrest Cove Lafollette TN1.30Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$35,000.001215031
 Lot 583 S Two Rivers Lane Lane Lafollette TN0.36Clearwater Cove$35,000.001239435
516 Cedar Gate Lane Lafollette TN0.45Clearwater Cove on Norris$35,000.001250153
 25 lot Highland Trace  Lafollette TN0.20Clearwater Cove$35,000.001252430
3 Demory Rd Lafollette TN0.48Turkey Cove$35,000.001260025
4 Demory Rd Lafollette TN0.46Turkey Cove$35,000.001260024
5 Camp Galilee Rd Lafollette TN0.47Turkey Cove$35,000.001260023
 Pinnacle Lane Lafollette TN0.59Hidden Springs$35,000.001259500
 Demory Rd Lafollette TN0.58Turkey Cove$32,500.001266939
 Waterside Lane Lafollette TN0.25Clearwater Cove$31,000.001269119
 Deer Pond Circle Lafollette TN0.51Deerfield$30,000.001259379
 Deer Pond Circle Lafollette TN0.53Deerfield$30,000.001259383
 Deer Pond Circle Lafollette TN0.53Deerfield$30,000.001259386
 Demory Rd Lafollette TN0.56Turkey Cove$29,999.001266929
Lot 559 Summer Circle Lafollette TN0.47Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$29,900.001187580
 Martha Lee Lane Lafollette TN1.10West Morning Side/ Foothills Subdivision$29,700.001245028
 Shanghai Lake Lane Lafollette TN0.46The Point At Shanghai$26,000.001262492
Lot 29 Highland Trace  Lafollette TN0.13Clearwater Cove$26,000.001264883
 Norris View Lane Lafollette TN0.70The Point at Shanghai$25,000.001252298
 Norris View Lane Lafollette TN0.64The Point at Shanghai$25,000.001259155
 Cameron Lane Lafollette TN1.08Hidden Springs$25,000.001259649
515 Cedar Gate Lane Lafollette TN0.41The Villages Iii Clearwater Cove$25,000.001269512
606 Two Rivers Lane Lafollette TN0.42The Villages Iii$24,900.001247830
 Laurel Way Lafollette TN1.34Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$22,900.001234180
229 Suncrest Cove Lafollette TN0.16The Villages Clearwater Cove on Norris$22,500.001239212
 Eastham Court Lafollette TN0.12The Villages$22,500.001256865
12 Woodland Court Lafollette TN0.14Clearwater Cove on Norris$21,500.001251301
Lot 93 Saddle Ridge Drive Lafollette TN1.04Overlook Bay S/D$19,900.001238475
LOT 447 The Villages Phase II  Lafollette TN0.64The Villages Phase II$19,900.001253117
LOT 474 The Villages Phase II  Lafollette TN0.78The Villages Phase II$19,900.001253119
524 Cedar Gate Lane Lafollette TN0.43The Villages Clearwater Cove on Norris$18,900.001239213
563 Summer Circle Lafollette TN0.51Clearwater Cove On Norris$17,500.001239214
 Old Hearth Lot #48  Lafollette TN2.10The Villages At Clearwater Cove on Norris$14,900.001191162
 Villages Phase 1 Lot 2  Lafollette TN0.13The Villages Phase 1$14,900.001241483
 Highland Trace Lot #28 Trace Lafollette TN0.12The Villages At Clearwater Cove$13,500.001227221
Lot 125 Old Hearth  Lafollette TN1.01Clearwater Cove on Norris Lake$9,900.001253866

Data provided by Norris Lake Living

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It's no secret life on Norris Lake is where memories are made! Norris Lake Construction can custom build you a lake home and make your dreams come to life! No one builds a custom lake house the way we do!

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